five bedrooms available

They have been developed, decorated and furnished by the owners.

Serenity bedroom, Angel bedroom, and Romantic bedroom are each equipped with a wash-basin. Showers and WC are shared by guests (please respect the needs of others).

Two of the bedrooms look out towards the Alps. The third looks on to the terrace with its twists and twirls of boxwood.

The fine detail and harmony of the rooms guarantee rest and relaxation. Put your feet up and let your mind wander…

Five guest rooms for the gourmet angel? But we only know the first three! Eh yes ! Here is the nature room and the chic room you tell me but it’s those of the cottage of the clos de l’ange, the two rooms at the bottom of this exceptional villa! Here is a concept a bit special. The cottage is rented for a minimum of two nights three days or a week. But if it is free fifteen days before the date of your arrival, the “ange gourmand”offers only the room for rent by the night (only the room) but all the exteriors are also available including the Jacuzzi, the terraces, the nap corner, the swing under the vine, the golf green, the summer kitchen and with the bonus of the exceptional sight: the most beautiful spot of all the area. In Clair, you want to make a surprise last minute to offer you a dreamy evening with your lover, contact the schedule and if the cottage is not rented you can see the spa star or take refuge by the fire of the covered terrace and enjoy all the comforts of an X-Size bed.

Terms & Conditions


A room for 2 people

50€, two person, for the romantique, ange and serenite room  beakfast 7€ per perso.

150€, two person, for the nature and chic room  breakfast 7€ per person.

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