“Rest is only as good as the time and effort we give it…”  L’Ange Gourmand Motto

Four generations ago we came to La Bâtie to eat the local produce.

Constance Loriol was a farmer whose cooking became renowned thanks to her rabbit stew. Her daughter, Madame Célie Jacquamet, my grandfather’s sister, invented crayfish gratin (fished from the nearby Duzon River).

She transformed the family home into a hotel-restaurant. My parents, René and Marie Louise, took over the baton and modernised the business. It was then passed on to me together with a whole host of family recipes. My mother also entrusted to me the precious crayfish tail soufflé recipe that has been so jealously guarded in our family.

Today, my wife Sonia and I welcome you to our beautiful home for a moment of pure pleasure and relaxation. In the family tradition, I try to remain faithful to cooking with local products while constantly refreshing and modernising the menu. In this way, the menu combines traditional family cooking with a twist of haute cuisine.

In the kitchen, I seek to use local products the way a painter uses a palette of colours to make a picture. You’ll find chestnuts weaving a thread through many of my dishes, local farmers’ poultry, black lamb from Velay, fine beef from the Mezenc in season, and many other Ardèche specialities such as Picodon cheese, and Tome cheese included in our salads and our famous Norwegian omelettes…

But I won’t divulge all the menu – you’ll have to come and see for yourself!

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