Set in 1.5 hectares of natural landscape, four castles built from chestnut wood are situated on the side of a hill, facing the rising sun with a view across the Ardèche countryside.

As with all the property at l’Ange Gourmand, the surrounding landscape stretches into three distinct planes. In the foreground is the immediate countryside, cultivated through the generations, with its farmed fields, copses and meadows. In the middle ground, the Vercors can be seen on the far side of the Rhône River with its sparkling, sheer cliff-faces. And finally, in the hinterland, are the Alps, covered in snow in winter, glittering in shades of red as the sun rises, and shimmering in splendid hues of yellows and oranges as evening descends.

Each castle is named after the vegetation that surrounds them. Just as the oak tree gives us a feeling of strength and sturdiness, so oak castle Château des chênes (oak castle) with its two towers is the biggest of the four. Maple trees are all different from each other due to their different coloured leaves, and similarly Château des érables (maple castle), backed into the hillside like an ancient amphitheatre, reflects a different character on each of its three floors. Château des bruyères (heather castle), meanwhile, makes us think of heather, the smallest of these plants, which makes the most of the good weather to enable its flowers to flourish in autumn. It’s a real little love nest, the most intimate and romantic of the four castles. Finally, between two large fir trees and an alley of pine trees, a small clearing makes way for Château des pins (pine castle). Like a small interior garden courtyard, the castle is perfect for the galloping horseman seeking to recharge his batteries.

Each castle has a wooden terrace with private Jacuzzi and garden area.

Château des Chênes (2 to 6 people)

Kitchen lounge area opens on to the south-east facing terrace with a view of the Jacuzzi, three luxury bedrooms with shower and separate WC that can be adapted for disabled access.

Château des Erables (2 to 4 people)

The Château des Erables is built into the hillside on three descending levels. At ground level, a lounge opens on to the terrace with Jacuzzi; the second level has a kitchen-dining area; and the upper level is home to two bedrooms.

Château des Bruyères (2 people)

Small in size but hugely intimate, it’s perfect for couples looking to share a special moment together in a romantic setting.

Château des Pins (2 to 4 people)

In its little clearing, the Château des Pins is the perfect place for a holiday, somewhere you can let your imagination roam free, looking up at the starry sky and listening to the crickets. Each room has its own bathroom and WC and an outside wooden terrace. The kitchen-lounge area is a great space for spending evenings together with friends.

Le château des bruyères

Open in 2019 "le château des bruyères"

A different type of holiday experience available from next season!